Digital Access for individuals

Teaching digital skills

Digital buddying

People are taught digital skills with Catbytes by volunteers who we call "buddies". Buddies sit with someone and guide them through the process of learning what they interested in. Click here to find out more about buddying.

Digital drop ins

Catbytes runs digital drop ins in Lewisham. These are sociable events,  where people can come to learn internet skills. Catbytes are the host of these events, although the venue may be provided by a partner organisation. 

Buddy supported sessions

We also arrange for digital buddies to attend existing sessions run by other community organisations. Typically these would be regular events where the organisers feel their attendees may benefit from digital support. Examples of such events are social supermarkets and clubs aimed at older people.

Click here to find out about the sessions we are currently running

Home visits

We also arrange one on one buddying sessions for people in their own homes. As there is a lot of demand for these, we only provide them to people who are unable to leave home.

Loaning devices

Catbytes also loan out devices to people who could benefit.  These devices have been donated by the public and corporations, and wiped and refurbished by us. To find out more about our loaning scheme, click here.

Our referral method

Our drop in sessions are open to everyone. However, in order to loan a device, or arrange a home visit, we require a referral from an organisation that we have approved. Click here to find out more about the referral scheme.