About Catbytes CIC

Catbytes' Aims

Catbytes is a Community Interest Company based in and primarily serving the borough of Lewisham. Catbytes’ mission is to address the needs of those whose ability to access the internet and other digital technologies is limited. We do this by providing digital education, recycled computer equipment and ongoing support.
Our two main activities are:
  • Digital drop-ins - social environments where people can learn more about how to use devices and applications.
  • Device Loaning - Being alienated from the world of technology isn't just a matter of lacking skills. It can also be a result of not having the resources to afford equipment. Catbytes collects donations of equipment from the public, fixes them, and distributes them to people in need.
We are also able to provide the following services:
  • Support for organisations, such as providing them with computers, building websites, obtaining free software and other consultancy
  • Recycling of electronic equipment donated by the public and corporations. We can provide industry standard data destruction, and environmentally responsible recycling.
Please click here for information about the services we offer.

Our Story

Catbytes is a Community Interest Company based in, and serving the borough of Lewisham. We grew out of a volunteer project which supported older people to develop basic digital skills. This project was called the Techy Tea club, and started in 2014 in the Point in Rushey Green. Catbytes was formed as a company in 2016.
During the lockdown Catbytes started distributing laptops to help out families and schoolchildren who didn't have anything to do work with when they were at home. This project grew into our device loaning scheme.
In 2022 Catbytes applied for Main Grant funding from Lewisham council. This bid was successful, and enabled us to employ a full time staff member. We have grown rapidly since that time, and are close to meeting our target of having a digital drop-in club in every ward.

Digital buddying

Catbytes has volunteers called "buddies", who sit with people and support them in learning what they are interested in finding out about.

Catbytes also arranges buddying home-visits for people that can't leave home. Buddies with DBS checks can do home visits.

Please click here for information about how to become a buddy.


Drop-ins are open to everyone. Device loans and home visits require referral from organisations that have been approved by Catbytes. Catbytes currently has over 90 referral organisations registered. If you would like your organisation to become a referrer, then contact us