Service User Testimonials and case studies

Sarah saw a news article on TV about laptop donations in Lewisham and found us and recalled emailing on Christmas Eve. She called and left messages and Damian called her back after the holidays. She was referred through citizens' advice.

She uses her laptop for her studies, researching, writing and submitting work. She states whenever she has had issues they have been resolved quickly. She is working more steadily now and hopes to be able to buy her own laptop soon.

Christine came to Lewisham from Ireland as a child during the 2nd World War. Her dad was seriously wounded and the family came over to see him in Lewisham Hospital. The family decided to stay in the UK and although Christine has moved around London during her life, she always comes back to Lewisham.

Christine was given an iPad 3 years ago when one of her grandchildren was born. She has some photos on it but other than that she doesn’t know what to do with it. She’d like to get an e-mail to keep in touch with her family. Although she has a mobile phone it is 20 years old and she only has it for emergency calls.

Christine visits St.Luke’s in Downham every Friday and is delighted to be able to meet the Catbytes volunteers who are helping her with her iPad so that she can finally connect with family and make use of other applications

Eunice has 20 years experience as a nurse. However, her digital skills were poor. She was studying for a degree in nursing and needed to improve. She first came to us at the drop-in at 2000 Community Action Centre. Since that time she has visited our drop-ins at New Cross Learning and Pepys Resource Centre. We were delighted to learn that she has successfully completed her degree, and has started an MSc in nursing. Eunice had this to say about her experience of getting support from Catbytes:

"I hereby write appreciating the services I have been given by Catbytes Digital Community.

I came to know of Catbytes from Lewisham Library last year (2023) when I phoned asking them for help with digital skills. I have gone back to full time study after twenty years . My previous studies did not require any IT skills. I found studying very challenging as my IT skills were tested greatly. However, with the help from Catbytes, I managed to complete my Course and am studying a post graduate degree at the moment.

Damian, you have been of tremendous help. Introducing me to the different Catbytes centres made it easier for me and I have been accessing them on different days. Need mentioning is the fact all your volunteering staff are very patient, knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to help.

Collectively, your help has been tremendous. I successfully completed my course and am studying a post graduate degree at the moment. I know that I would have struggled a lot had it not been of all your staff's help. With their permission, I do appreciate them namely; John and Cleo from Phoenix Community Housing, Lana - Pepys Community Hub, Naveen, James and Toby from New Cross Library. Your ongoing assistance is highly appreciated. I have and will continue recommending this service to a lot of people."

Albert became bored in his retirement and after recovering from a stroke he decided he needed to attend classes to try new activities in order to help him recover and to fill his time.

Albert came to one of the Catbytes Digital Drop-in sessions at Stanstead Lodge in Forest Hill. He found using technology really helped him and he now brings his laptop every Friday to the regular drop-in session.

Albert says that Catbytes has really helped not only with using his laptop but also in developing his independence again after having a stroke.

"Catbytes is a charity(CIC) that is undoubtedly a well needed service for lower struggling income families like myself with children. During Covid my children had to learn online which meant we needed a computer or laptop. I did a search online for a charity(CIC) who was willing to lend or gifted a laptop and was very fortunate to come across Catbytes!

One of the many good things about Catbytes was the location : I didn't have to travel far to collect one of the laptops on loan and as well as I wasn't pressured to return it by a given date so it give us the peace of mind without the added stress of having to look elsewhere for another laptop to use for their school work.

Fast forward to present , my children use the laptop for coding lessons and school work and as well to play games. They are of primary school age so they are so contented and happy to have been given the wonderful opportunity to being able to use this device. We have been given a further extension to use it , which we are grateful for and I'm sure there are other families like ourselves who are struggling and just need a little help.

The staff are quite helpful and thoughtful and would like to say a big thank you to Damian."