Loaning Devices

Catbytes' device loaning scheme enables our clients to use technology free of charge.  It is currently depends entirely of donations from the public and corporations.  We refurbish your donated devices, doing repairs when necessary. We wipe them to an industry standard. We install Windows 10 on the machines if they are good enough. Otherwise we use the Linux or Chromium operating systems. They also come installed with useful software application such as Libreoffice, Zoom, Skype, Team Viewer and other popular browsers and document readers.

Beneficiaries of the scheme are referred to us by partner organisation. The partner organisations support local people who lack digital access.


Terms of borrowing

Beneficiaries of the scheme can borrow a device for six months. After that they can extend the loan if they are still using the device. Otherwise we ask for it to be returned. If a problem develops with the device, we will take it back and provide a new one. In this way the scheme works a bit like the TV rental schemes that some readers may remember. However, there is no cost to the beneficiary, either for the initial loan, or as a penalty for damage to the device or late return.