Support for organisations

Catbytes relies on our network of partners, who we work with to provide digital access in Lewisham. These include:

Catbytes referrers

Catbytes is currently referred to by 80 organisations based in Lewisham. These organisations support people who need help getting digital access. These include organisations that support the elderly, people with mental health difficulties, people experiencing economic deprivation and isolation, refugees, and people with learning difficulties. These people are referred to us to get devices, data sims and training. If you represent an organisation that you would like to set up as a Catbytes referrer, please contact us via one of the methods on our contact page.

Organisations Catbytes supports with digital access

It isn't just individuals who find themselves excluded from the digital sphere. There is a deficit of skills and equipment in local community organisations. Many small organisations lack the important skills needed to manage their business. These are skills which would be commonplace in modern commercial companies.

Catbytes helps organisations with problems such as:

  • Providing organisations with donated equipment, such as desktop computers and monitors
  • Setting up up a domain name,
  • building Websites
  • Hosting websites
  • Setting up and managing email
  • Teaching Wordpress
  • Setting up or troubleshooting internet/wifi
  • Setting up ICT suites
  • Helping clients and members communicate on Zoom
  • Supporting organisations getting cheap software, especially if they have charitable status

You can see examples of websites we have built for organisations here.

Among the organisations we have helped are 2000 Community Action Centre, Stanstead Lodge, The Lewisham Irish Community Centre, Lewisham Local, The Ackroyd Centre, the Honor Oak Community Centre, Beyond the Bank, Ewart Community Hall, the Lewisham Pensioners' Forum, The DIamond Club, The Lewisham Community Falls Service, Agents of Change, the Lewisham Wellbeing Map and Lewisham Homes.