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How we build your site

Our Websites include include all the standard features you would expect plus a huge range of added benefits.

  • They are built in Wordpress, making them easy to update once built
  • We use professional themes to create the look of your site
  • We have access to thousands of professional quality stock images and graphics to enhance the look of your site
  • Our sites are fully responsive, so they will look good on a computer or a mobile phone
  • Standard features include contact forms, events listings with online booking option, donation pages and blog/news pages


Having the same company build your site, register the domain, and host it, takes the worry about these issues out of your mind. We provide:

  • Domain registration (or transfer)
  • Website hosting
  • A free SSL certificate (to make your site secure
  • Multiple email accounts with your domain (we can give you help with accessing them too)
  • We keep your site up to date with the latest security patches and other updates


Our prices are highly competitive. We offer special rates for charities, community organisations, micro-businesses and hobby sites

  • Standard price for a website: £300 - 350
  • Hosting price: £35 per year + domain cost.
  • Price for teaching you how to do site updates: £12 per hour

Our previous work


SFactor Sports Academy

SFactor Sports Academy is an athletics club for young people based in Ladywell Sports Arena. It has training sessions for juniors and seniors, and also an inclusive club. It competes with other clubs in the local area.

Client: SFactor Sports Academy
Published: 30/11/2023 00:00:00


Coach Mo

Maurice Thaw mentors young people into work. He runs workshops and seminars with the support of Lewisham based employers. He has extensive experience with guiding and motivating young people

Client: Maurice Thaw
Published: 17/04/2023 00:00:00


Lewisham Tenants Fund

Lewisham Tenants Fund provides funding for Tenants and Residents Associations in Lewisham Homes properties to run projects and activities that help them. These can range from events raising awareness of causes affecting tenants to trips to the seaside.

Client: Lewisham Tenants Fund
Published: 11/10/2022 00:00:00

villa romantique_0.png

Villa Romantique

This was a site built for a luxury holiday home managed by a friend of ours at Ewart Community Hall. The client needed it built in a hurry because the existing host was not contactable and appeared to have closed it's business.

Client: Villa Romantique
Published: 01/05/2022 00:00:00

wincott cropped.jpg

Wincott Financial Awards

The Wincott Foundation seeks to contribute to the better understanding of economic issues, principally by supporting and encouraging high-quality economic, financial and business journalism, in the UK and internationally. The Foundation believes that the media – print, broadcast and on-line – have an important role to play in reporting, explaining and commenting on economic and business developments. Accurate, objective and well-informed economic reporting and analysis in the media are essential ingredients of a well-functioning market economy.

Client: Wincott majortny@gmail.com
Published: 06/06/2021 00:00:00

mabadiliko monitor_0.png

Mabadiliko CIC

Mabadiliko are a Community Interest Company whose aim is to promote discussion of race and understanding of the impact of unconscious racial bias on the lived experience of Black and other minority groups. This is achieved through Cultural Humility workshops where people of different backgrounds talk openly about identity and the issues that they have confronted in their lives. This non-judgemental approach is highly effective in giving people a deeper understanding of prejudice.

Client: Hillna Fontaine admin@mabadiliko.org
Published: 09/02/2021 00:00:00


Lewisham Pensioner's Forum

The Lewisham Pensioners' Forum is the most famous organisation campaigning for Pensioners' rights in Lewisham. We have recently taken over hosting of their website. There will be more changes to the site to follow.

Client: Lewisham Pensioner's Forum
Published: 20/01/2021 00:00:00


St Andrew Catford

St Andrews is a thriving church in Catford which holds big musical events for the general public. They came to us because they'd had a domain with no website for three years and wanted something done with it. We built this site using Astra with Elementor Pro. We incorporated the Youtube videos they were making of their services due to the lockdown on the front page.

Client: Crystal Callow, crystalcallow@gmail.com
Published: 16/06/2020 00:00:00

2000cac white.png

2000 Community Action Centre

The 2000 Community Action Centre lies in the heart of Deptford. We built their website in 2019. It has a cafe with free internet which attracts a lot of local young people. It is an important hub in an area that is quite deprived of local leisure facilities.

From our experience visiting the centre it was clear that it would be good to take plenty of pictures to capture the friendly and lively atmosphere there.

Client: Moira Kerrane, 2000 Community Action Centre
Published: 03/06/2019 00:00:00

ladywell live.png

Ladywell Live

Ladywell live is a local news site. It was commissioned by the Ladywell Assembly, which is one of the ward assemblies organised by Lewisham council. The purpose of the site is to be a resource of local news for the area, to increase a sense of the ward as a home for residents. The site is run by a team of local residents, not paid council staff.Catbytes were hired to build the site.

Client: Adeyinka Joseph, Lewisham Council adeyinka.joseph@lewisham.gov.uk
Published: 23/05/2019 00:00:00


Honor Oak Community Centre

Honor Oak Community Centre is one of the largest community centres in Lewisham, based in Turnham Road. It is a popular venue for weddings and funeral parties, due to its large hall. It also hosts badminton, tae-kwon-do, clubs for older people, a digital drop-in, and a range of community organisations besides. It has hosted a series of events attempting to tackle the issue of knife crime in Lewisham. 

Client: HOCCA, (Honor Oak Community Association, info@honoroakcommunitycentre.org
Published: 17/01/2019 00:00:00


Agents of Change

Agents of Change are a remarkable charity based in Romania who support people with special needs. Many of them were born in the orphanages of Nicolae Ceaușescu. Agents of Change manage a centre in a very remote part of Romania, where many people barter rather than use cash for transactions. At the centre their clients can engage in a range of activities, both social and practical. Agents of Change have also worked with businesses and private donors in the UK to get an eye clinic established which has enabled their clients to have free eye tests and glasses.

Client: Alison Butcher, info@agentsofchange.co.uk
Published: 12/12/2018 00:00:00

dancing ducklings.png

Dancing Ducklings

Dancing Ducklings are a children's dance club. They are led by Caroline White, a very dynamic and engaging teacher and entertainer of pre-school aged children. Caroline has been known to inspire a desire to dance in children who don't engage with other children's entertainers. We took over managing Caroline's website when she decided her current host did not suit her needs.

Client: Caroline White, caroline@dancingducklings.co.uk
Published: 20/10/2018 00:00:00

ewart hall_0.png

Ewart Community Hall

Ewart Community Hall is a community centre near Forest Hill. It belongs to the Ewart Road Housing Co-op. We built and host the Ewart Hall Community Centre website, as Ewart Hall has an office where Catbytes is based. The site was built in Wordpress using the Astra Theme, and Elementor Page builder. 

Client: Ewart Road Housing Coop, 44 Wastdale Road, SE23 1HN
Published: 10/10/2018 00:00:00


De-stress Express

Maureen Bishop's site is devoted to her passion for helping older people become more confident with computers. It also reflects her multifarious interests in music, design writing and therapy. She combines her interest in improving people's lives with her artistic nature creating a very lovable (if somewhat eccentric) concoction.

Client: Maureen Bishop
Published: 19/06/2018 00:00:00

stanstead lodge.png

Stanstead Lodge

Stanstead Lodge is a gothic mansion on Stanstead Road near Catford.  A former Darby and Joan Club, it is now a community centre and membership club for mainly, but not exclusively, older Lewisham residents. It hosts a range of activities from whist drives to modern dance which run at very low cost. It also has a cafe which is open to the public. Stanstead Lodge hosts a wide range of meetings and social events for community representatives and is an important hub in the area.

Client: ames Dobson, Lewishem Elders Resource Centre
Published: 18/05/2018 00:00:00


Bellingham Community Gospel Choir

Belling Community Gospel Choir have been performing together since 2013. They are led by Santino Fabbricatore. They rehearse at the Christ Church Reformed church in Bellingham. The choir is open to all. They have their sessions every Tuesday evening in the church at 7pm. 

Client: Fiona Thomas, ft@fionat.co.uk
Published: 04/01/2018 00:00:00

lewisham local black.png

Lewisham Local

Lewisham Local are the biggest volunteer support organisation in Lewisham. They also run a number of excellent local initiatives, such as the Lewisham Local Card and the Community Toilets scheme. We were asked to migrate Lewisham Local's card scheme to their existing site from a Wix site. 

Client: Sam Hawkesley, sam@lewishamlocal.com
Published: 01/12/2017 00:00:00

wcw white square_1.png

Wildcat Wilderness

The Wildcat Wilderness is a community green space by the Ravensbourne River in Catford. It is a project of the Rushey Green Time Bank and was founded in 2014. It is filled with wild fruit, such as blackberries, plumbs and apples, and also has a vegetable garden, a beehive, and an outdoor kitchen. It is an excellent project for green fingered volunteers, and also for local primary schools, whose children come learn about urban wildlife and run through the pathways that have been cut through the thick bramble.

Client: Maria Devereaux,wcw@rgtb.org.uk
Published: 03/12/2014 00:00:00



Crofton Park.com was a collaboration between the Crofton Park Assembly and St Hilda's Church in Crofton Park. It was site designed to give news about the local community contributed by the local community. . This was the first web project project Catbytes were ever involved with. 

Client: Father Stuart Bate, St Hildas Church
Published: 14/06/2013 00:00:00