After I was mugged in May 2015 (check the blog entry here), I decided to go down the restorative justice route with the offenders. The Lewisham Youth and Community Centre, who I am in touch with through the campaign to save Lewisham community centres, have said they would like a website built. I am working with one of the young offenders, teaching him how to build websites in Wordpress. It is quite slow progress so far. We are trying to get his curfew extended. Everyone seems to be getting on ok, at least. I have spoken to Lewisham Youth Offending team about getting some other young offenders to take lessons in the Lewisham Way Centre, so some money could be brought into the centre. Unfortunately, they have told me, they may be able to provide the offfenders, but not the money to pay for the teaching sessions. There is no money anywhere. Their staff have been cut, as have the staff of many departments in Lewisham. So I will have to look elsewhere for that.