What do we do?


We build websites for community groups and local small businesses.

Our websites are built using Content Management Systems (CMS's) which will enable you to make updates yourself. CMS's we have used are:




undefinedTechy Tea clubs have been running since 2014. 

After we have built a site,  we have sometimes had a request to teach Wordpress our users how to update them.

Our new regular Electronics club is a social, collaborative way of learning basic electronics.

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How do you make your site visible to everyone can see it on the internet? Host your site with us.

Our rates are competitive.

We are flexible. We can provide support as part of the hosting package so that you don't have to worry about making small updates

We can provide a service tailored to your needs

Techy Tea club October 2016We provide a personal service that responds to your needs. In the past we have helped with 

wifi installation 

wifi troubleshooting 

email setup 

getting charities software free of charge

We are waiting to hear from you about what you want done

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Using Search Engine Optimisation, we can get your site higher up the Google rankings, making it more likely that people will see it when they search.

Who benefits?

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