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This week was Get Online Week. Get Online week is an initiative of The Good Things Foundation, an organisation that seeks to bring people together using computers, and at the same time improve their computer skills. Our Techy Tea Clubs are doing that, so we were keen to get involved. This week, on top of our regular Monday and Tuesday sessions, we ran three extra Techy Tea Clubs. In Blackmore House we did a session with the tenants. This was supported by the excellent volunteers from Appian, Christina, Cindy and Jennifer (their organiser, left). By a lucky coincidence Appian approached us in October looking for somewhere to volunteer, at exactly the time we needed people most.

On Friday we had our first ever session with the dementia group "Forget-me-nots". This group runs every other Friday from 11am-1pm at Stanstead Lodge. I was MC for the digital part of the session, and was somewhat feeling my way. We had a go at playing Kahoot, but it was a bit difficult for all the teams to view the questions without a larger screen. Instead we played Bloop and Bounden. Luckily the forget me nots group were a pretty forgiving bunch, and didn't seem to mind the chopping and changing too much.

 Below is a film of one of the Bounden sessions we ran. I am hoping there will be more sessions with Forget me nots, and I will be researching games like Bounden and Blooper to see where we can take this.

At 1pm, still at Stanstead Lodge, we had the first session of our new improved digital drop-in in the IT room. This was well attended, with techy tea students evenly matched with a completely fresh group of Appian helpers, this time with matching blue tee-shirts - Fabian, Achmed, Ryan and Bumika (sorry if I have miss-spelled your name Bumika!). 

They were joined by a new group who are running their own digital sessions for people with learning difficulties. I will be completing the set-up of the new ICT suite for them next Friday. 

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