james dobson, maureen bishop and grahame mandelli with seniors techy tea studentStanstead Lodge is the new name for the community space known to many of us in the South of Lewisham as Seniors. As its name suggests, the venue caters for the elderly, having been a Derby and Joan club in the past. However, they are broadening their horizons now, particularly as their cafe is open most days and sells the best coffee and walnut cake in Lewisham. With a change of image comes a revamp of their social media strategy. Or perhaps this is not so much of a revamp as a "vamp", as Seniors didn't have an independent online presence until now. The good people of Stanstead Lodge are, however, the major contributors to the Lewisham Pensioners' Gazette. They clearly know about producing good quality content, and we will be teaching them how to do this in Wordpress once the site is live. 

By Damian Griffiths at 12 Jan 2018, 20:58 PM



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