Rosy Susan and Damian discuss Techy TeasWe had a good day down at Goldsmith's University trying to drum up support for Techy Teas from the students. We got a lot of signatures. I was a bit concerned that teaching the elderly how to use the internet might be a bit of an un-sexy subject for young people, compared to third world stuff or causes to do with slavery and trafficking or hot political topics and whatnot. But in fact they were pretty keen. One of them pointed out that she could do her placement requirement by coming to our clubs. We also got a PhD student who was taking a more scholarly interest, relating to some social research project he was carrying out. Apparently we are an example of something he has been proposing in articles he has been writing. I am looking forward to hearing from him again. Of course, my little fairy cakes didn't do any harm. 

By Damian at 17 Nov 2016, 23:43 PM



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