Orlene Henry has been in the fitness industry for 8 years. During this time she has taught Indoor Cycling, Salsa, various Aerobic classes, right though to Pilates. However, the decision to move her classes online during the lockdown presented new challenges for her.

Fortunately, Catbytes were able to help Orlene with this transition. We advised her on purchasing a good webcam, and how to use it and Zoom to run her classes.

"I had not used a laptop or computer to any great degree for many years previously. So when I had to transfer teaching many of my exercise classes online this year, I was sorely lacking the essential knowledge required.

"Damian provided me with reliable, sound advice regarding all the essential additional equipment necessary for optimal audio and visual quality. His expertise, knowledge, guidance and advice was absolutely invaluable.

"As a direct result of Damian's professional input and tech knowledge, I was able to confidential purchase a bery good webcam from a supplier he recommended, and any problematic operational issues were effectively and efficiently ironed out.