Hardware repair

Being online has become essential for accessing day to day services, whether you are an elderly person wanting to do online shopping, or a schoolchild doing homework. There are still many people in Lewisham who don't have a computer or laptop at home. Through our device library, we lend devices to people free of charge. However, we need people to fix and repair donated hardware.

About 50% of the devices that are donated to us don't work perfectly when we get them. If you have experience fixing computers and laptops this can be very useful to us. Any level of experience is valued, from replacing memory to work that involves a soldering iron. We have quite a pile of laptops that don't work already. We also have desktops and tablets.

There is no specific time commitment required. We have tools in our office, including soldering irons and static mats, for you to work with. Our opening hours are 10am to 6pm every Monday to Friday. Our only request is that you complete any work you start if it requires a lot of disassembly within a reasonable time frame (one or two days). We don't have a lot of space to keep disassembled parts. Please arrange with us beforehand if you would like to come round and work here. Alternatively, you could take a device away to work on it from home if you prefer.