Do you know how to:

  •        Do a Google Search?
  •        Find your house on Google Maps?
  •        Look up a timetable to get public transport?

These are the skills we are looking for. We are not looking for IT experts, but people who are patient and can sit with elderly people and help them learn how to use tablets, laptops or mobile phones.

Virtual Aid

Tech buddying was first requested as a role at our techy tea clubs. This would involve sitting with a client at a community space and helping them, often accompanied by a cup of tea. Since the lockdown this role has been continued over the phone, a project we call Virtual Aid. As the lockdown eases, it is now possible to meet people to support them in a safe, socially distanced way. However, it is still likely that many of our clients are staying at home, and in order to meet with them, you will need a valid DBS certificate