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Web hosting


We provide a hosting services tailored for community organisations. We understand that hosting websites can be a complex and confusing process. We take out the stress, by supporting you at all stages. Among the support we provide when hosting your site are:

  • Registering a domain for you - that is the unique address of your site.
  • Creating email accounts for your site, and showing you how to view your emails from them.
  • Making your site secure with Security Certificates (SSL).
  • Helping you with setting up a cookie notice for GDPR compliance.
  • Keeping your site updated, so that the version of wordpress and plugins are kept up to date. 
  • We can perform minor updates to the content of your site.
  • We can help you if you want to do your own updates.
  • We can optimise the site to appear as high as possible in search rankings.
  • We can monitor the site and report on it's performance using Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

The basic cost for website hosting is £10 per month.