wcw website imageWildcat Wilderness is a wild green space for the Community. It is based in Catford by the river Ravensbourne.

CatBytes set up the WildcatWilderness website in 2014. We built the site in Wordpress. We also host it on our own server space. We have taught Maria Devereaux, the supervisor of the Wildcat Wilderness, how to update the site. The site enables her to post events which can be booked online. We have also set her up with a Mailchimp account so that she can send out broadcast emails promoting events at the site. One of the advantages of using Mailchimp is that emails sent from it are unlikely to end up in people's spam folders.

In July 206 there was a series of break ins at the WCW. The bee hives which are a feature of the space were kicked over, and water was poured over them. CatBytes helped to set up some security cameras at the space, which caught the vandals in action. They were identified and arrested, and are now doing restoritive justice work helping with the bee hives. Maria has taught them about the importance of bees to the natural environment.


Maria Devereaux