Honor Oak Community Centre had a problem with their website. The timetable was out of date, and they didn't know how to update it. Also their web host were frequently complaining that their mailbox being  full. They had to delete lots of emails in order to keep their web host happy. Their webhost are not very easy to deal with.

We lookeed at the website and saw it was made entirely of flat HTML pages. It was therefore difficult to update for anyone who isn't a developer. We decided to recreate the site in Wordpress. This way it would be editable by the staff and trustees of the centre.

However, creating the website did not solve the problem that HOC were having with the web host. They had a small email allowance. About 99% of their webspace was taken up with emails. They received many emails every day as they are a commercially successful centre with excellent facilities. People were always making enquiries about the price of their space. It was hard work to delete all the emails, and a lot of the information needed to be transferred to folders because it couldn't just be deleted. This was enough of a problem in itself, but also meant it was going to be difficult to set up the new version of the site on their web host, as it required a new database, which would also take up space.

CatBytes recommended to HOC that they transfer their email accounts to a Gsuite account provided by Google. This service is free to HOC, because they are registered with the Charity Commission. This would allow them 120 times the webspace for emails at no cost. It would also allow them to view all their emails in Outlook with the same email addresses, while taking all the burden off the Web Host.

After this was accomplished, CatBytes supervised setting the new version of the site up in Wordpress.