testing the voltage of lemonsSince October 2017 we have been running an electronics club at Ewart Hall office. Each week we are addressing a practical problem of trying to build a working item. In the past we have built a crystal radio, a modulator, and an astable multivibrator (two little red lights that switch on and off in sequence, see the video below). Participants work collaboratively, first designing the board, and then building it by adding components in turn until completed. We discuss the principles underlying the operation of the circuit as we go, sometimes even writing equations. However, we are mostly scientific novices, and we teach ourselves what is going on by open discussion. We are very fortunate that we have one collaborator, John Walker, who has a degree in physics, to guide us in what we are doing. Personally, I'm still not completely clear what volts are yet! It's work in progress.

Day: Tuesday
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Ewart Community Hall Office