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After some technical teething troubles at the end of last year, we have finally managed to get the Stanstead Lodge Digital Hub fully operational. We now have five computers with Windows 10 for people to use and a working internet connection from the main reception into the ICT room. For the last couple of weeks we have been attracting individuals who want to learn digital skills, and also some groups. Family Action, the social isolation charity based in Perry Vale, have been encouraging their clients to attend. We have also had learners from Jigsaw supported living. This has meant that we are getting younger learners coming to Stanstead Lodge than to some of our other centres, which is ironic, since Stanstead Lodge has a reputation as a centre for older people, but also welcome news. 

James Dobson, the chair of Stanstead Lodge trustees, wants the ICT suite to be a creative hub. Some of the learners at the club have expressed an interest in film-making. So last week we concentrated on making films using stop frame animation software. Maureen Bishop is also making a live-action film promoting the venue. Hopefully we will be able to show some of the work we do on this website in the near future.

The Digital sessions at Stanstead Lodge run in the hub every Friday 1.30-3pm. Please come down if you want any advice on how to use your mobile phone or computer. The sessions are free of charge and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

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