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"Pop-up" digital hub

Ottis at the Irish Centre
Pop up Digital Hub in the Irish Centre
Pop up Digital Hub in the Irish Centre

Catbytes has a new techy tea club and digital hub at the Lewisham Irish Centre. This club is running every Wednesday from 1.15 to 3.15pm. The club is free and open to everyone.  It was formed with support from the Lewisham Irish Centre. Kathleen Sheridan, the General Manager of the centre, found funding through the Rushey Green Assembly. Vincent Lydon of Age Uk and Community Connections arranged the connection between Lewisham Irish Centre and Catbytes. He also gave us guidance during the early stages of planning the club.

The idea behind this club is that we focus more on supporting people who need signposting for support that can be provided through Lewisham Council's updated website.  This could include help with filling out applications for Freedom Passes, or using benefits calculators. We have borrowed two laptops from the Ewart Hall ICT suite for these kinds of queries. As the hall is in use for a variety of purposes all week round, the laptops must be set up and put away at the beginning and end of each session. So this is the first "pop-up" digital hub that Catbytes has run.