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Our first Digital Champion

paris is proud
Paris is proud really, just a little camera shy

Catbytes is proud to announce that we have just acquired our first Digital Champion - Paris Batchelor! Well, perhaps this statement should be qualified a little. We have had digital champions helping at our techy tea clubs for a while. However, Parris is the first techy tea club volunteer to have made her way to becoming a Digital Champion through Catbytes' membership of the Digital Champions Network. Paris joined us recently as a volunteer. She comes to the new Digital Hub at the Lewisham Irish Centre.

What is a Digital Champion?

The term Digital Champion is actually slightly more ambiguous than it ought to be. If you asked a representative of the European Commission what it was, she might tell you it is an ambassador for the Digital Single Market. These people are in fact very high powered luminaries, like Saskia Van Uffelen, who have been appointed by the European Commission to promote the digital sphere as part of a grand vision for the future.

In the UK being a Digital Champion is something slightly different. A Digital Champion promotes digital inclusion by giving training and support to people who lack confidence and knowledge in using the internet. The term has been adopted by Digital Unite and Citizens Online, partners in the One Digital Program, and the Good Things Foundation, creators of Learn My Way. Digital Champions in this program do not have to be IT experts. They just need to be people who are happy to give time to help others develop their online skills. 

Catbytes was proud to be invited by Digital Unite to join the Digital Champions Network and recruit Digital Champions last year. We were given the right to help 10 techy tea club volunteers to register as digital champions and complete the courses required for full membership of the Digital Champions Network. I think Paris is proud as well. She's just a bit camera shy, that's all.