Christina from 60 up teaches

In July Catbytes teamed up with 60 Up to run inter-generational techy tea clubs. Christina Israel, the director of 60 Up, calls this session HIP, standing for Honor Oak Intergenerational Project.

Olando teachesWe ran four sessions at the Honor Oak Community Centre which brought young and old together with the aim of improving our understanding of the internet.

The older attendees of the sessions learned more about how to surf the internet and use email.

The younger people gained understanding of the difficulties that older people experience using the internet.

Norma learns surfingOn the final session we all got on Skype and had a video conference which was slightly screechy due to the fact we were all in the same room. We are hoping to run more sessions at Honor Oak Community centre in the near future.

Thanks for Honor Oak Community Centre for lending us their ICT suite, and especial thanks to the fantastic young people who gave up their holiday time for the older folks!

By Damian Griffiths at 25 Jul 2018, 23:44 PM



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