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The Mayor's awards (to recognise volunteering in the borough )was in the civic suite on 24th November. Sir Steve himself was there, with Joan Millbank, who gave a speach. There was a jazz band, lots of free booze, and little snacks being handed round by uniformed staff. 

The winner for individual effort was Robert Morrison, who for his voluntary work  for Quo Vadis mental health charity, which is based in Beckenham in South East London/Kent. He has suffered mental health problems himself and is now helping other people who have them.

Teklehamanot Beraki got an award for younger people as part of the Lewisham Young People project. He is an immigrant from East Africa. I'm not sure why he left his place of birth, but it's good to see that someone can get stuck in and make a positive difference so that people notice in such a short space of time.

Deptford Folk got an award for a community group or business. I've not heard of them, probably because they are based in Deptford. There is a bit of an invisible divide between the Deptford/New Cross region and anything south of the yellow box storage centre on Lewisham way, in my experience. They've got over 1000 Twitter followers, anyway, including me now.

Pat Fordham MBE and David Cummins got a special award for long service with Pheonix Community Housing.

CatBytes got a certificate for the Techy Teas. MyCompleteFocus also got one for the same thing. I don't know who nominated us. Apparently it's a secret, but I have my suspicions. There were lots of networking opportunities, and some familiar faces. Damien Egan, the future mayor was there, and he listened sympathetically as I chewed his ear off about Labour Ladywell ward internecine issues. To be fair, he had said he was going to come and talk to us, and I had had my wine glass filled quite a few times at this point.

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