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Sam shows Wyn a few computer tricksSam Hawksley from Lewisham Local and Fay Millen from Volunteer Centre Lewisham came down to Ewart Hall today to help out at the Techy Tea club, as part of Giving Tuesday. CatBytes got out our new polka dot table cloths to celebrate the event. You can see them in this picture. Although they may turn out to be a regular feature, as it seems a shame to fork out for them and then use them just once a year. Also, I haden't actually heard of Giving Tuesday at the time I purchased them, so I was really just jumping on the bandwagon with my polka dot table cloths.

Giving Tuesday is an American import, like Black Friday. It's purpose is in fact to challenge the rampant and, from a British perspective, ad hoc consumerism of Black Friday. There is also Cyber Monday, which is part of an attempt by marketing companies to make more people shop online. As we teach internet skills at CatBytes, it becomes difficult to know which American cause we are promoting this week. Luckily, as we run on Tuesday, we can say it is Giving Tuesday we are supporting. Maybe the polka dot table cloths make this point clearer. 

By Damian Griffiths at 28 Nov 2017, 00:43 AM



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