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The Hackcess Hackathon, described here:

Was a brilliant and inspiring event held at Goldsmiths College in New Cross. 3d printing enthusiasts and designers met with people with disabilities to devise solutions for problems they face on the spot duing a competitive 2 day hackathon. This is a excellent use of 3d printing, as it makes use of the ability of this technology to acheive rapid prototyping, with the use of CAD type software, like autodesk. I went on the Sunday, and the event was not particularly well attended by the general public by this time. This enabled me to get an excellent demo of an Ultimaker 2 3d printer. I was very surprised to discover how cheap these are. About £1500. I may be joining this bandwagon

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By Damian Griffiths at 24 Nov 2015, 16:16 PM



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