I cycled over to St Hilda's today to get Father Stuart's signature as a member of Catbytes. This is the final step in getting our constitution finalised. Now I can post it to VAL, and get on their books.

Father Stuart was busy sorting out some tables in his church hall. After holding some umbrellas and other random items while he reorganised things, he signed my form. Then he told me he is not sure if the Crofton Park site is going to exist after all. The representative of the Forum, Kay Pallaris, doesn't like the look of the site. It's not wizzy enough. I suppose this is true, however, I am concerned that the purpose of a flashy site is to create something to make the area look nice for people that want to move in an raise the house prices. Father Stuart and I have always had a clear idea that we are creating a site for the whole community. It's the ease with which you can contribute through the Content Management System that is important.

I have decided, however, to try to talk to Councillor Pauline Morrisson. She is a name that gets dropped in relation to this project. I want to know if she can give me another angle on what is going on.

By Damian Griffiths at 21 Feb 2015, 14:21 PM



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