Content Management training with Sarah and Jane

I met up with Jane Martin and Sarah Eaglestone at the office of St Hilda's to train them how to add content to the site. Sarah is the new  Community Development officer for the Crofton Park area. She seemed keen on the site. It's a bit of a relief someone seems to be ok with it after the Neighbourhood forum got a bit sniffy.

By Damian Griffiths at 18 Aug 2015

I am in the news, but not for the right reasons

On my way back from a meeting at the Catford Constitutional, I was walking to the late night Turkish Supermarket opposite Enish Nigerian Restaurant at about midnight, when  three boys set on me, trying to get my bag. Luckily, the police happened to drive past just as the struggle for my bag was underway. The boys ran off, after which I realised I had been stabbed in the lower back, or upper back side. I made the mistake of telling a couple of people and one of the policemen insisted in cutting most of my clothes off to check for other wounds. Buses were still passing and teenagers were taking photos of me.  The police caught the boys, and I was taken to Kings in Denmark Hill. The stabbing was not very serious. I could have walked home. You could see the disappointment on the faces of the medical staff when they crowded round, having been told about a stabbing, and saw the pathetic trickle of blood from my lower back.


Here is a News Shopper article about the event, I can't believe such a massive knife caused such a small wound. I don't think they were much good at stabbing, but they're in big trouble all the same.

By Damian Griffiths at 18 May 2015

Content Management Training with Jane Martin

The first session training Jane Martin how to use my site went quite well. She was very keen to assure me that she had no ability with websites and IT, and turned out there was a bug in my code, making it impossible to upload images without certain folder permissions, which I have to fix. All the same, it didn't end in a sense of despair, which to my mind is a positive sign

By Damian Griffiths at 14 Apr 2015

My meeting with Pauline Morrison

I decided to go to  Councillor Pauline Morrison's surgery to tell her about the site. I've been told she is a good person to get on your side. In the event, it wasn't councillor Morrison that turned up, but i Councillor Roy Kennedy. Once Councillor Roy understood who I was he showed a positive interest in what I was doing. He told me he thought the Neighbourhood Forum would be very unwise to not use our site as their home. Personally I think it might be a bit late, but I welcomed his support. He asked me when the site would be live, and I said imminently. However, after the meeting I had with Father Bate after this, I am not completely confident about this. He gave me his email anyway. Donde is a nice place. It's the first time I've been there.

By Damian Griffiths at 14 Mar 2015

The Crofton Park site in danger?

I cycled over to St Hilda's today to get Father Stuart's signature as a member of Catbytes. This is the final step in getting our constitution finalised. Now I can post it to VAL, and get on their books.

Father Stuart was busy sorting out some tables in his church hall. After holding some umbrellas and other random items while he reorganised things, he signed my form. Then he told me he is not sure if the Crofton Park site is going to exist after all. The representative of the Forum, Kay Pallaris, doesn't like the look of the site. It's not wizzy enough. I suppose this is true, however, I am concerned that the purpose of a flashy site is to create something to make the area look nice for people that want to move in an raise the house prices. Father Stuart and I have always had a clear idea that we are creating a site for the whole community. It's the ease with which you can contribute through the Content Management System that is important.

I have decided, however, to try to talk to Councillor Pauline Morrisson. She is a name that gets dropped in relation to this project. I want to know if she can give me another angle on what is going on.

By Damian Griffiths at 21 Feb 2015